"I feel one step closer to protecting my family - the information is worth more than money - Thanks"

Michael Joiner

"We called Double Tap to show us how to handle our handgun if someone broke into our home. Anyone who is serious about protecting there family should call. Great Information."

Debbie Butler

"We were amazed at how much we didn't know."

Jaime Baine




Pigeon Forge man's throat cut while interrupting burglary


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There is a substantial difference between being a gun owner and being able to defend yourself and your family. Do not just be a gun owner be a gun owner that can defend yourself and your family with proven tactical weapons training.


Do you have a weapon for home, business defense, are you thinking about or have you obtained your state approved concealed weapons license? Now what? Although the 8 hours of instruction that you received for your concealed weapon license are very informative, they do not provide the tactical training that is needed to give you a fighting chance to survive a lethal force incident in your home, business or personal carry situation.


“Double Tap” Personal Tactical Weapons Training consists of 8-hours of one-on-one proven and realistic defensive tactical weapons training covering:


  • Weapon Safety
  • Weapon Manipulation & Retention.
  • Point Shooting
  • Post Shooting
  • Law Enforcement Response
  • Multiple Bad Guys/Girls (BG)
  • Concealment VS Cover
  • Movement Drills
  • Tactical Family Action Plan
  • Lighting issues/Flashlight Control
  • Verbal Commands
  • Tactical Reloading
  • Third Party use of Deadly Force
  • Warrior Mindset/Survival
  • Tactical Shooting Drills (Airsoft Gun)


“Double Tap” has developed a unique training program that combines the realistic performance of Airsoft guns (function just like a semi-automatic weapon) with real life scenarios. You will not only be taught defensive weapons tactics; you will put everything you have learned into practice to enhance your shooting skills as realistically as possible without spending a great deal of money at the range.

These are only part of the training topics you will receive during the 8 hours of instruction. Training can be either an 8-hour block of instruction or two 4-hour blocks to meet your busy schedule (morning, afternoon, nights and weekends). It is recommended that you complete the training within 30-days so that previous instruction is not forgotten.

The training is designed for either one person or couples at no extra charge. Even if your spouse does not like or has never shot a weapon, they need to be a part of the training, because during a violent encounter, they will play a very essential role in everyone’s survival.

*NOTE: Double-Tap will not conduct any training for those who do not meet current state or federal requirements, allowing for a person(s) to possess a firearm!